invalidsync (invalidsync) wrote in bad_riding,

Truly horrifying show jumping

This doesn't seem new so it may have been posted before, but this is the first I've seen it and I'm just... astounded. I can't even comprehend what's going on in this video. This poor horse is a complete saint, is all I can really say.

Some of the comments say this was a polo rider trading saddles for charity. Others state that's not true and it's an actual show jumper from Portugal. I don't know what's true(anyone?), but I honestly do not think it matters. How fucking insane do you have to be to think this is acceptable for ANY reason in the world? I'm cringing for the horses back and I can't even believe he had the gall to hit him with the crop. I'm amazed that the horse didn't crash through every fence and dump that guy.
Tags: saints, show jumping, stupidity, wtf?
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