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Whatcha gonna do when they come for you?

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Making you feel like a better rider, day by day!

There's bad riding, and then there's bad_riding. This community is a venue to showcase the worst of the worst in the equine world. If it's online, it's fair game. Bring us your clueless, your dangerous, your ignorant! Tell us your stories, submit photographic evidence or link us to a YouTube video. If it sucks on/with/around horses, it belongs here.

All individuals featured in this community are presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of equitation, as determined by a jury of peers.

Membership to this community is now moderated. If you've created an account purely to join bad_riding your application will be turned down. If you recently opened an LJ account, wait at least one month before applying to this community. Repeated attempts to join despite being rejected will result in you being permanently banned. Also, READ THE RULES. New members are expected to have read the rules prior to posting/commenting for the first time. You do stupid shit off the get go, your membership will be revoked.

Please read the following rules before you post:

  1. Only post one photo/video to be visible on the main page. All other additions should be behind a cut (see below for how to do an LJ cut)
  2. Make sure that said photo/video is appropriate for anyone to view. All nudity/gore/violence MUST be behind a cut. Any subject matter considered NSFW (Not Suitable For Work) falls under this category.
  3. Try to keep the posts to actual bad_riding or bad/dangerous_horsemanship: grudge postings are highly frowned on. Please, no pictures of that girl at your barn that you can't stand - "OMG do you see how her heels aren't perfectly down? Whatever!"
  4. Posting photo/video of yourself is fine, but make sure that it qualifies as bad_riding - no one's perfect while they're learning, and ridercritique is a better venue for nitpicking position.
  5. Members determine what is and is not acceptable for posting. Too many replies to a post stating that they don't qualify as bad_riding results in the post being deleted.
  6. Screening of comments is NOT permitted. Any entries where this is used will be deleted.
  7. Deleting of comments and/or removing posts is NOT permitted. Anyone caught doing this will receive one warning. Second offense and you will be banned from the community.

How to make an LJ cut

(Do NOT copy/paste these - they have been formatted so that the html is visible. In other words, if you copy/paste, they won't work)



<LJ-CUT TEXT="The worst riding you will ever see">

bad_riding, bad_trainers, barn drama, cross country, cutting horses, dressage, english pleasure, engstern, equitation, evangelical parellites, eventing, fantasy ponies, fat people on ponies, gossip, grand national, horse fetish wanglish, horses, hunters, hunters over fences, ill-fitting tack, jumping too big/wide/far/advanced, morgans, neon tack, nonprofessional, reining, riding yearlings, saddle seat, sadistic pleasure, stadium jumping, untrained horses, western pleasure